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A German and a Jew were neighbors in Germany. The German had a hatred for all Jews. The Jew had a shop in which he sold yarn, next to the German’s. In all the time they were together, the German never bought anything from the Jew – he never ventured into his shop. One day the Jew walks into his shop and explains to the German that he is leaving for good to Israel. He begs the German to buy a small item from him as a token of their time together. The German refuses. The Jew pesters him so much that he at last agrees. He tells the Jew that he wants a piece of string from the tip of the Jew’s penis to the tip of his nose. The Jew walks away chuckling. The next day the Jew arrives with three lorries full of string. The German shouts “You filthy Jew!!! I only wanted a piece of string from the tip of your penis to the tip of your nose!!!”. The Jew calmly replies that he was circumcised in Russia!!!

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